About the Film.

 About the Film.

The film is a coming-of-age tale about bullies, revenge, and growing up in Generation Rx. It tells the story of Nicolas, a quiet kid pushed to the limit by a pair of older bullies. One part adolescent love-story and one part cautionary tale, the film is a look at the cruelty of children and the cost of revenge. An NYU Thesis Film.


Why Support Our Film.

We have Tony Award-winning actor David Alvarez as our lead, Nicolas, and an incredibly talented cast & crew for the project which will be sent to film festivals worldwide. We are looking to make a film that deals with a very important, and timely subject, and share it with the world.

We Need You!

Individual donors will significantly alter the fate of our short film, each donation will give us a chance to see our vision fully realized, allowing us to recruit professional actors, use industry-standard equipment, and submit the finished project to dozens of film festivals worldwide. 

Support Education.

When you support a student film you are providing young filmmakers a chance to follow their dreams by adding a significant amount of depth to their education. While there is much to be learned in the classroom, there is infinitely more to be learned in the field, which arms filmmakers with the experience they need to execute projects in the future.


Talk to Us!

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